Friday, January 28, 2011

PROP DESIGN - Design Work Up

Here are some more steps in the design process. I thought I'd compress them down to one post to save dragging out.
The first step is working into the chosen silohuette. This is simply line art. The aim here is to work on internal shapes and design motifs. These should echo the overall design shape and form. Nothing is set in stone here though.
The next step is to block in some colour. It's not important what colour as this can be changed but you can begin work on the shape and colour contrasts to make certain details stand out.
The next step is to add form and lighting to the design. This makes the design feel more three dimensional and solid.
Tune in tomorrow for the final design. Yes it is done, but it would be no fun if I posted it now would it? :)

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Isaac B said...

Sweet concept Jason!