Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hi Peeps, sorry for the lack of action in the last couple of weeks, I've been doing ALOT of drawing and crayoning pretty pictures but alas, cannot post them up at the moment due to the project not being announced. Normally I'm not one to tow the party line on such matters but knowing my luck this one would bit in the arse (or ass for our american cousins).

Anyway, my daily stuff is a little cutesy, vibrant and quite clean so in typical knee jerk reaction I am trying to 'up' my 'concepty' stuff and add more Sci Fi subject matter. Hey it may not be original but it does tick boxes on a portfolio!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"There's somebody at the door...."

Okay, all that's missing is Rod Hull and Emu .....enough with the TV Cream style editorial!! Here is a Stylized windmill.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1 Year on....

Approximatly a year ago my wife just had eachother in Australia. We were marking time until we came home to England. We'd made up our mind that Australia wasnt for us for reasons I wont bore you all with, though feel free to read about it here .

though its not exactly the most uplifting of reading. You have been warned :)

It was on the quiet boring nights that I picked up the virtual pencil and paper (wacom and laptop to you and me) and started redeveloping my 2D skills. Afterall I had time of my hands and thus this blog was born. I quickly found that my real passion lies with 2D work. I'm a fairly accomplished 3D artist and still enjoy it but I think that 2D requires a real talent and flair that couldnt be learnt rather than the technical nous of modelling which can be achieved with little artist ability.

So a year on and my wife and I are back in England and I've been flirting with the freelance scene for a few months. As much as I like the ups, I cannot enjoy them for fear of the inevitable downs that accompany them. With this in mind I began a search for the dreaded fulltime job. I start my new position on Monday. Its a concept art position but doing 3D work when there is a lull in the 2D stuff. Fingers crossed this should keep me busy and interested for some time to come but as my wife will testify I can be quite pedantic when it comes to my work life.

So in short, after year of posting stuff on this blog site I am now of a standard where I am employable for my 2D work yay! I'll still keep my hand in the 3D work as I like to keep my options open and it moves so fast I have to stay current.
Its a week until I start my new job and sods law has struck. I'm trying to do some doodles to get me back in the 'zone' and for some reason I cant draw or paint for toffee, also somewhat ironic as seeing as its a year on I wanted to show some new cool work to say 'hey! look how I've improved' and I have a block.

Anyway here is my doodle, didnt know what I was gonna draw until it happened. Its some kinda a 'concepty-robot-alien' thing.