Thursday, February 05, 2009

....and more

..because Blogger seemed fit to only allow me to attach five or so images and I wasnt finished goddamit!

Your Saturday afternoon Happy Meal

It appears that Ive become somewhat of an estranged father of late in terms of this blog, I've just been so busy with work and things, y'know...slide. So as a way to make a mends please accept a bumper offering. Consider this, if you will, as our Saturday afteroon trip to McDonalds and the emotional bribe of a happy meal.

No! you dont get a toy...I'm not made of money. I guess the harsh and somewhat ironic reality of this all, is that I used this blog to try and get my standard up, and now its getting there and I'm actually employed as a concept artist I've got less stuff to post and less time to do personal work.