Thursday, June 29, 2006

Goat Riding Dwarf (work in progress)

Here is the preliminary sketch of my new piece I'm working on. I'm trying not to rely on black outline, so I sketched in colour. My intention is then to paint it up and use darker tones to 'edge' and 'outline' the image if needed. I do this with my environment paints so I'm not sure why its hard when I draw a character...habit I guess.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No.... its not Disneyland...

Here is another attempt at a senic speed paint with a kinda medievil/fastasy vibe. Not bad, it didnt take too long either. Im not especially happy with the castle type structure, it has too much of a Disneyland vibe, I may revisit when I know what i'll do with it as im trying to lay off the idle tinkering and work more decisively.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Here be Dragons..

I nearly forgot to add this. This a development sheet I did before I did the 'Dragon Morning' image. It was just so I didnt have to design the thing on the fly whilst dealing with a more complex composition. Just so as you know this, along with all images here a) if you click on 'em you get nice bigger versions and b) they are all copyright to me.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I dream of....well you get the idea

This was excercise in 'speed' the idea being to be able to produce something in one sitting rather than labouring on a piece. Not my finest hour but it has its merits nontheless, i.e. palette and the gesture of the genie.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

' Dragon Morning'

This is a pic that was inspired by the book 'Eragon' there is a scene where Eragon waked up to find his 'puppy' dragon playing in his room. This was the most ambitious pic i've did to date. It was a bit of a headache at times but I think it paid off

Now this Blog is up to date i'll be posting WIP's (work in progress) pieces as well as final work. Hopefully this will prove to be a visual guide of my journey as frustrating as it will be at times.

Iorek & Lyra

This is a pic that was inspired by the 'His Dark Materials' Books. This was my first foray into painting a whole scene with characters etc... Plus I wanted to experiment with a cooler colour palette.

Apollo Brooding.

This is one of my faves that i've done recently, I feel like it's pretty complete. I like the composition and the colour and paint style.

Polar Bears from Seaworld :: Nelson and Hudson

its alive...well life..

These are some quick sketches from my visit to Seaworld Gold Coast.

Apollo in Flight

This is a more 'loose' coloured pic of an Apollo character flying on a Pheonix, though the fact its a pheonix isnt clear enough. When i'm a better artist I may give this another bash and add flames and make it more dramatic.

All Zen...

I decided to try my hand at an environment pic. Again, trying to establish tones and colour sets.

Ahh isnt she cute?

This is a redesign of an Athena character I did, Expect to see more of the gang later on down the line. I was experimenting with colour tones and values with this. I think it worked pretty well.

It's ggrrreeaat...

Here is a tiger style emperor character I did. Just praciticing 'paintling' a character in digital. Its okay, though im sure i'll revisit it at some point soon.

This is Lottie...

These are tonal sketches I did of my dog. All done in PS with a Wacom tablet.

So let's start at the start...

This is paint I did after watching a Gnomon tutorial DVD on Matte Painting, Not quite film quality :) but I like it all the same. I must give some more of these a go. Painted straight in Photoshop (PS i'll refer to it from now on) with a wacom tablet.