Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bumper Tuesday!

Right, where to start. Okay so the first couple of designs are for game 'sets' hence their rather drab composition as it has to be indicative to a final envisaged game screen. The third image is just a 45 minute sketch. I'm trying to get a more 'mature' style in my repetoire so this isnt a bad effort, I just need to push it more and get comfortable with it. Let me know what you think.
By the way I have installed a nifty little site counter so I now know I am not just ranting to myself, so dont be shy and leave a comment. I dont mind if it's crit, as long as its constructive, afterall that's how we get better

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Artistic Stamina

Right, first off as you are probably more than aware I'm not into wordy posts on am 'Art' blog but there is quite a valuable lesson I'm learning currently and I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. Trust me I read alot of art blogs, forums and publications.

Now to be a successful artist you have to have the talent, you have to have the desire to learn, and you have to push yourself constantly (to name but a few things) but nowhere have I heard anyone mention "mental stamina'.

Picture it, you've been working 4 or 5 hours on a piece, agonise over it and get it to a point you can feel happy with (for now at least), most of us then feel spent, emotionally drained. We may coo over it a while and post it on a blog nobody reads...., then go and do something else safe in the knowledge that you did your bit today. Now imagine the same scene but as soon as its done there is no time to admire your handy work, oh no, its on to the next one. This is where the test comes in, you've just given everything you have to your previous piece but now you have to do it empty, as it where. The artistic version of the vinegar strokes if you will, okay sorry there was no need for that.

Learning to work for great lengths at a time one piece after another is the difference between doing something and thinking "yeah thats pretty sweet" or using that as a base to go on a put another 4 hour shift on something and make it great. It's then you can focus on the subtlties and the finesse. I guess thats the irony of the guys who work at places like disney, you have to pretty useful to get in there in the first place but then you must just go stellar.

It sounds glaringly obvious as I type it but just think of it in "gym terms" you can be happy benching your standard weight but then someone doubles the reps and after a struggle you come to terms with it and hey presto in no time you'll be upping your workout weight. This has very little to do with talent or flair but just sheet mental commitment.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking hours? geez dude more like days, well I guess then you're the artistic beefcake and I'm still to grow into my vest.! just dont kick sand in my face just yet

Getting All Environmental

Well you've seen the Knights but now they have to have somewhere to live!