Monday, August 25, 2008

Step 2 - Sci Fi lab type thing

Some lineart, as you can see i've taken the liberty and embelished the blockout. This was always the intention. This will hopefully prove a very useful guideline when I start painting it up. I think its worth mentioning that I've never done this process before so I'll be as suprised as anyone if this actually works! ;)
Next up the speedpaint over the top to get a tone and mood.

Step by step - Sci Fi Lab type thing

Okay posts are sparse currently so sorry about that. Obviously the main reason is my new daughter and the second is my new job. I'm drawing ALOT during the day, all of which I cant share currently..alas. So I'm beat when I get home also I've taken my cintiq into work so I cant cart it to and from work too much as knowing me i'll drop it or something.

In an effort to apply some of the new techniques I've acquired I'm trying to do something in my own time. I'll post it up step by step this way you get to see my process, I get to do things as and when I can and I'll feel obligated to finish it!

So step one, I've blocked out in 3D max a crude set of geometric shapes, set them in a cylinder and set the camera on an angle to give it a little tension. I've no real idea how this will end but let's enjoy the journey together (man that sounds just terrible) For now lets call it a test lab or something with a Sci fi twist. Ive toyed with the idea that using a 3d underlay is cheating, but hey I can 'do' perspective so i'm not ducking out of anything i'm just allowing myself to get to the good stuff more quickly. Plus I may as well take advantage of the fact that I'm a decent 3d artist besides the blockout took 10 mins if that.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pathetic Update...

Right, so I am alive just that recently I've become a dad for the first time, plus I've started a new job. Not Ideal timing but not my choice either. This employer is a bit more of a heavy hitter so I doubt I can post any of my work stuff on here, yet, at least.

In the are some more kids pics, which are now 'done' ..sigh..