Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ox and a Fox on a Box, and an Owl with a scowl

More childrens book illos - Not very sure about the Ox but I am lovin' the fox and the owl even if I say so myself. I am doing these out of the goodness of my heart for a friend so I can't get too bogged down making sure everyone is absolutely perfect otherwise a) they'll never get done as there are 14 b) I dont want to resent the time spent on them and c) did I mention there are 14 of them!

I do have a creature design on the go but just havnt got around to finishing it just yet.
EDIT - uploaded the new and slightly improved fox and ox pic


Anonymous said...

I'm in' the owl too, though I do know what you mean about the ox. I think it's the legs that look a bit strange?

Anonymous said...

My last name is Ochs, said Ox, and I teach kids. They call me Miss Fox, for fun, and I had done up a silly rhyme about an ox with a pet fox, that lived in a box... blah blah blah... Anyhow, I liked the photo, just for that. :-)