Friday, September 01, 2006

Li'l Gods - Village Concept

Here is a peasant village concept. Im trying to think about the world the characters live in as well as the characters themselves. Expect a few more of these I reckon, though they are a little time consuming but the results aren't bad at all.


Dan McDaid said...

Looks great - fantastic atmosphere. And this is a tricky perspective to pull off, but you make this really work.

Question: are you planning on pitching this to any animation houses/studios? Cos me and the missus really reckon you're onto something good here. How about bashing out a series "bible" (y'know: who the characters are, where this is set, where you see the story going), putting that together with some of your concept stuff and a couple of mood pieces and sending it off to, I dunno, Cartoon Network or Fox or even Disney? It's as good as - and better than - a lot of the other stuff out there.

Just my two cents!

Pickthall said...

wow thanks man, I have a few more environments and some extra characters to work on but after that I will put into some order.

I may also storyboard up a narrative.