Monday, September 11, 2006

Li'l Gods - Mount Olympus Concept

This is a sketch of my vision of Mount Olympus. Obviously sat on a floating mountain. I used the blue mosque from Istanbul as my inspiration I felt it was more grand than a standard Acropolis style structure. There is plenty of realisation left to do with this but I thought it would be good to just dump my thoughts down on paper so when I do something more finished its not completely on the fly.


Ken said...

hey cool blog! your artwork is really nice :D

Alfredotron said...

dude its really a great design man ... that such a heacy structure floats its very poetic also.. great job man

Dan McDaid said...

This is terrific: great design as godofredox says - I particularly like the stairways that run down the sides of the mountain and the implication that there's lots going on *inside* the mountain. Very cool. What about, instead of it being some non-specific magic which holds the mountain in the air, the inside of the mount is full of ancient "steampunk" machinery: pistons and cogs and the like? And these mighty, magical engines are what keeps the mountain afloat?

Just some thoughts. Can't wait to see this one worked up.