Saturday, September 23, 2006

The last days of my 'Youth'

So, my final week of my 'Twenties' and I must say people around me are making a bigger issue about it than me. And by a big deal I mean lots of people sucking their teeth saying "oohh thirty ehh?" and the timeless "all down hill from here". Now this is particularly cruel as anyone who knows me knows that I, on occasions have dispostion that would make Eeyore look happy-go-lucky so any misplaced comment could send me to a spiral of ennui and self despair. Having said this even I cant help to feel like I’ve accomplished that which is expected of me by the time of the big 30, lets face it I've been stressing non-stop for the last 15 I'd be well annoyed if I hadn’t :)

Education - Check! Got a decent degree. And in true twenty something fashion I'm doing a job that isn’t related to the course I studied for three years

Stable Relationship - well I am married if that counts :) I was lucky enough to marry my childhood sweetheart that I met at the tender age of 16 so yeah, a big Check!

Job - Well my perspective of this changes like the weather but I must admit I'm doing a job that is respectably paid and a lot of people would like to do and the big plus is I don’t have to wear a suit everyday. For those who are curious I'm 3d artist for computer games and the odd bit of freelance work now and again. One of the lessons I have learnt is that a job is a job really, there are always drawbacks but as long as you work to live all is well. Check!

Travel - I'm pretty sorted on this front, I've been to Paris Barcelona Amsterdam Bruges Luxembourg Venice (Got engaged there) Cyprus (Got married there) Corfu Greek Islands Athens Tunisia Cambodia Bangkok Koh Samui Chang Rai Laos Burma Egypt Australia United States – various, for a little while when I was 7 Turkey

I’m currently working out in Australia, I've been here 10 months, whilst I've been here I've climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Swam in the Barrier Reef amongst other things. We are leaving Australia in a few weeks (yay!) and en route back to the UK my wife and I are touring China. We start at Beijing and work our way down to Hong Kong stopping by the great wall, the terracotta army and shanghai and dodging bird flu. This little escapade lasts 20 days. So BIG check there.

There are other less tangible or more personal ambitions I been lucky enough to realize. I, for a while had the Italian Sports car I drooled over whilst I was at University, Okay it was only Fiat Coupe but a bloody fast one. I also have my baby. Lottie, the boxer dog. As a kid I always wanted a red and white boxer and now I have her, unfortunately I also have her air fare costs to and from Oz too!!! :) She’s worth it, just... I think.

Last and certainly not least I have my fantastic family, who have the power to frustrate and delight me in equal measures, but as I've found out in Oz, life is not the same with out 'em. Oh yeah, I also own a house, and in the UK these days that is no mean feat! :) That was more by luck than judgment.

So, where now? Well to be honest I just want to get back to the UK and enjoy my friends and family and for once, live in the moment. Smell the roses, y'know all those clich├ęs. One day I'd like to have my own business or have a film/TV series commissioned based on one of my ideas but I'm not going to bust my hump on that just yet. Ahhh and then there is the greatest journey, that of fatherhood. Hopefully my wife and I will be lucky enough to bring a life into the world at some point in the not too distant future.

I've shown the 20's the big can 'o' whup ass So I say bring on the 30's, lets see what you got?


Alfredotron said...

id say u got everything covered, my congratulations man and yeah kick those 30s ass ...

im really diggin the lil gods concepts, amazing man

cheers and congrats again!

Pickthall said...

Ahhh thanks Godofredox - Im ol' skool now :) More li'l gods stuff on the way. Im working on a pitch document at the minute and im trying to cover all my bases.

Dan McDaid said...

Happy birthday mate. The thirties are gonna be sweet - your work's never been better, you've got a fine woman at yer side, and you've got a dog. How could it be better?

Did you get the pitch doc? I pasted it into an email and sent it over a little while back.

Take 'er easy!


Pickthall said...

Thanks Dan, Yup, you're right what could be better.

I got that Doc and Im working into it fleshing it out and adding some pretties etc... I actually emailed you asking your opinion some stuff.



Dan McDaid said...

Cool. Been off work so send that over to my home address. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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