Monday, December 20, 2010

Character - Dev sheet

Here is some character work I've been developing. As you can see, this starts as a silohuette and I follow it through to a loose concept. The face started as a photo but I edited it heavily to make it fit and help 'sell' the design. It's not usually something I'd condone but there is no point reinventing the wheel.
Not sure what it is really, perhaps some kind of post apocalyptic oriental mash up?


Simon said...

This is great, I love the stuff on her back. It looks like a collection of rusty bits of metal or weathered wood that she's carrying.

In fact she wouldn't look too out of place in Pirates of the Caribbean, as a character that's fused with bits of old ship with seagulls nesting on her.

And before I forget, Merry Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice work, Jason!

Loving the adaptation from silouette through to completion, and the use of colours is very reminiscent of Japanese culture in my opinion.

She looks like some sort of survivor, a warrior who takes her world with her wherever she goes.

Awesome stuff

Merry Christmas - here's to a great 2011

Paul Seaton