Monday, November 15, 2010

'My Paint'

I recently discovered an open source paint program called My Paint. Essentially my paint is to Painter what Gimp is to photoshop. I used My Paint for this image, I did cheat a little and drop into Photoshop to boost up the colours using the blend modes. It's not perfect, its not meant to be, it just allowed me to try and new program with a sense of purpose


Damien said...

Nice stuff of late J. Keep meaning to comment more often as I do visit your site regularly. The lit smoke effect works really well in this one. Reminds me of the monsters film just out (not that you could of copied from it :)) the large squid like tenticle monsters that have lights in areas in the film are uncannily like your sponge bob below. It not a great film by any means but you should check it out to see what I mean. I just think it's one of those good coincidences that you might find amusing. Your in tune with modern horror films :)

Dan McDaid said...

Shit! This is great!