Saturday, August 14, 2010

Victorian Sci Fi Mashup

Here is a random design idea I had, I may explore some more possibilties with this type of thing.


Simon Richards said...

This is really cool, I love the angular shapes. Especially the spats. :)

Unknown said...

Love this piece Jas, it's excellent! The spats. Oh God the spats! I have no idea what they are but I'm pretty sure they're great.

Damien said...

REally like this one. The reticule centre as the monicle is a pretty cool idea. Ia gree with Si, spats are always the footwear of choice. Note to self, must try and bring spats back into fashion :)

Only one small crit, not really a crit, but it would be nice to see some tech on the character to help to help bring the gun a bit more into the character. But not on the spats. Don't f@%k with the spats or the spats will f*&k with you :D