Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mucha of a muchness

Another sketch/paint in a similar vain to the warrior one below. Definately evolved from what I was going for, but I went with it. I dont think it has the volume the warrior one has but the palette is quite nice I think. Has a Mucha art nouveu quality to it.


Dan McDaid said...

Love this. Really like the subtle, science-fictiony detail on the headdress. Great expression as well.

Damien said...

Nice colour palette, the warmer colours sit in well with the muted green tone. Agree with your Art Nouveau comment, the curves, colours, composition and format are reminiscent of that style. Good stuff J.R.

Damien said...

Love the colour palette, the warmer tones of the flower sit in really well with all the muted greens. The pastel colours, compostion, curves and the format all lead to the Art Nouveau look. Great stuff J.R.