Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nomadic Alien Tribesman - Speedpaint

Just to confuse everyone, even myself, of my style here is a speed paint of an alien nomadic tribesman. Why, you ask? why not I say. This took about 2 and a bit hours. I think this is what comes of browsing too much conceptart.org and CG talk speedpaint threads.


Dan McDaid said...

This is strong, I like the design and the attitude. My only feeling is that they eyes are a little lost beneath those very light brows, and when I first saw the pic I thought the brows *were* the eyes. See what I mean?

Nice palette too. Would you consider retooling this for the Atlantis stuff? Maybe for a flashback scene or for a statue?

J. R. Pickthall said...

yeah thats my thoughts too, i'll fix that, I did think about the Atlantis vibe as I was doing it.

This is only like my 5th speedpaint? so I think im developing at a decent rate, though I fear a plateu very soon