Wednesday, June 21, 2006

' Dragon Morning'

This is a pic that was inspired by the book 'Eragon' there is a scene where Eragon waked up to find his 'puppy' dragon playing in his room. This was the most ambitious pic i've did to date. It was a bit of a headache at times but I think it paid off

Now this Blog is up to date i'll be posting WIP's (work in progress) pieces as well as final work. Hopefully this will prove to be a visual guide of my journey as frustrating as it will be at times.


Dan McDaid said...

This is too rocking for words. The more I see it, the more I get out of it. Love the perspective tricks you use here - the way the window is laid out gives just the right focus and creates the right sense of awe. Some of your best work man.

J. R. Pickthall said...

Thanks for noticing the subtleties mate - they're not there for flashy gimmicks. I tried to get the dragon and the boy, the focal points, in the window view as A) it acts like a frame within the pic and B) its the where I could get a cool silohuette and maximum contrast - it was hardwork but its worth it if people notice the details.