Friday, June 08, 2018


So after jumping on the social media bandwagon I've decided that its not really working for me.  It feel cheap to chuck your stuff up and forget about it and judge its worth on 'likes' and 'RT'.  Is this sour grapes as I dont do great numbers? yeah maybe but also I dont have problems getting work and worked with some prestigious companies and IP's so there is a skism there for some reason. I did consider foregoing the whole posting art altogether but then its a little demotivating to work on personal stuff only for it to languish in a hard drive.

What now? Well I'll be updating this site with recent works to get it current.  I'll still most likely post on twitter and Insta as my mood takes me but it wont be the priority.  This blog was set up for me when I kicked it off and I want to get back to making art for me or for my clients and not for arbitrary numbers. 

Stay tuned, or dont.  That's the whole purpose of this exercise.

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