Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lil Gods - Foliage Sketches

I recently got into sketching with actual pencil on actual paper. Sounds weird to say but I only tend to do life drawing stuff in my moleskin as opposed to creative stuff.  I had a blast and for some reason it was very therapeutic being covered in pencil smudges and what-not.  I took some pics and mounted up some of the doodles. I had to do these as I was working on a larger composition but I needed to work out a visual language before I could do the piece real justice.  I've still got some things to resolve with it and I feel I can push these a bit more but once the major image is done I'll post it up here.


Damien said...

nice! Love the solidity and texture of the rocks. Makes me want to put down the brush and pick up the pencil again. Great stuff J

Dan McDaid said...

These are first rate, man.