Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lil Gods - Chrysaor Sketch

Hey, So I learnt a little something the other day.  Pegasus has a sibling, and that sibling is a winged boar..Everyday is a school day huh?

So, I had to draw him as the Lil Gods universe was looking a little light on the Mean Beastie stakes.  Also he looks like Timon (from Lion King) on a really bad hangover.. wait! or was it Pumba?.. anyway you get the idea


Unknown said...

Well, where did you exactly found Chrysaor was a winged boar? As far as I know, he had a HUMAN shape. Even ancient art depicted him as human. Although there are always various versions of the tale, I'm interested on your source.

Pickthall said...


I took the artistic liberty of taking the winged boar part as a counterpart to the winged horse of Pegasus (his brother).

As you can see, its a fun artistic work and not to be taken too seriously but thanks for taking an interest nonetheless.