Monday, May 28, 2012

Lil Gods - Griff Redesign

One of may favourite characters that I previously designed for Lil Gods was the Gryphon.  Although he has strong lines and shape it was very limiting when it came to neck articulation.  So I decided to revamp him.  And here he is.

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Damien said...

Really strong line work, I like the use of the heavy line on the back, gives the impression of weight to his pose. It may be worth trying to make the fore front leg a heavier line than the one behind to push the perspective of the front paws and to give it more strength to support the weight of the head and shoulders -just a suggestion btw ;)

Love the over-all grain, just the right amount of subtlety, especially on the wing where it looks almost like watercolour.

Good placement of the tail to hide his modesty, lol kidding.

Great stuff