Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Portrait Studies

As before these are about the hour mark.The woman was done is two sittings and it kinda shows. The asian guy displays some of my confidence coming through. I may do another female (as it were) and either start some studies from assorted angles and maybe even try and do an actual picture of a family member.


Damien said...

Looking good, your right about the asian guy showing more confidence. My only crit would be that they look a little flat, like they're based off 2D reference rather than 3D. Drawing from real life reference would make a huge difference.

Hope I'm not being to harsh with this crit, it's great to see your work grow from strength to strength every time I visit your blog.

Pickthall said...

Cheers Dam,

No, your crit is bang on and warmly welcomed. You are right about the flatness. Ive been using Photo reference material which is intended for textures and stuff so the lighting is dull as hell. I think I'll try and work with some less contrived reference to get them to take on more personality.

Damien said...

If you can't get anyone to sit for you, I'd recommend referencing professional photography sites where the lighting is more interesting like what your after. Try this site which has a handy filter for portraits and it covers all ages and ethnicities. great for inspiration too.
I was thinking way back about doing some self portraits as I won't have to rely on a sitter. portraits are one of my many weak spots. I never got back it, someday, maybe :)