Monday, August 01, 2011

Learning Mudbox

Those of you who follow my blog know Im no stranger to 3D. I moved away from 3D as the technical V creative balanced shifted dramatically. Dont get me wrong I can 'do' technical but it doesnt float my boat and you dont get the instant gratification you get from 2D art. I use a bit of 3D to block out scenes and what-not.

Mudbox was one of those packages I opened every now and again and though "yeah I could use that" but never actually did. I have a bit of license at the minute to learn it so I thought why not? Here is the result of an afternoons work. Hey, Im not saying its great or original but felt duty bound to show, afterall a blog is for showing ideas and experimenting (those who want to cast a more critcal eye head over to my portfolio site for what I consider is my strongest work)

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