Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 years

Okay, I know this isn’t a visual update but it’s the 5th anniversary of when I started this blog! Probably doesn’t sound like a huge deal. For me though this was when I decided to set aside my 3D skills, which were pretty good. I was Senior and Lead and even got employed overseas. It would have been easy to live off this but the roles but with next gen technology they were becoming less and less creative and after working with some great concept artists at Krome in Australia I was so envious I had to make the first step in a long journey.

In one respect 5 years sounds like a long time but I think with the progression Ive made its no time at all. I’m now getting senior concept roles, being sounded out about lead roles and even getting a few interesting nibbles, none of which I can divulge at the minute but will once anything becomes concrete.

I’ve taken a little time to look at the start of the blog to see where I was 5 years ago. Of course I wasn’t a complete n00b but there is definite development. I may pick a couple of old pics and revist them.


Isaac B said...

Congrats! loving the new stuff on your blog, Bugwings looks cool too!

Ron said...

Congrats! :)