Sunday, July 04, 2010

If you cant be stylized

Here's a couple more. One raw and one, well I was just tinkering about to see if I could do anything clever with.. no was the conclusion.


Simon said...

Top one's good, I like the shading. Been trying something similar.

I'm not sure what to think about the second one, I like the line art but there's something a bit odd about it. ;)

J. R. Pickthall said...

Yeah I feel the same, I very nearly didnt post it up. I think its the way its cropped

Dan McDaid said...

The top one is a little bit of perfection.

There is something a little up with the second one. A tighter crop would definitely benefit it, move in really close. I think as a drawing goes, the eyes and nose are perfect, but the mouth seems a little over-large and over-rendered.

I think the treatment is really smart and slick, however.