Friday, May 28, 2010

Colour and Shape

I decided to put the sketches on hold momentarily. I'm on holiday soon so I'll get alot of those done at airport departure lounges and the like. In the meantime here a couple of colour pieces. I didnt know what they were going to be when I started them and still not sure to be honest :) I need to practice putting people into environments.

(click for bigger versions)


Molly Alyssum said...

I love the second one. The colors are great.

Simon Richards said...

I think the first image is the best. Overall the shapes in the first painting (especially on the road) are more interesting than in the second.

The second image doesn't feel quite as free and looks like you spent more time on it.

Pickthall said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Si, you are kinda right. I didnt spend much more time on it but I did do it across 2 days. I felt there was a seed of something really good there but its fallen between an energetic sketch and a finished piece

Dan McDaid said...

I think I like the second image best as well. Great colours and atmosphere, love the slightly unusual composition. Fine, fine stuff.