Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Im like a Freekin' Ikea Catalogue

Well in the absence of any new finished work or any more decent images from the life drawing session this will have to suffice. I AM working on personal stuff.... honest. You'll see, yeah I'll show you.


Celeste O'Neill said...

I love this one - so fresh, clean and inviting.

Dan McDaid said...

I saw a thumbnail of this and I totally thought it was a photo. Masterful use of light and dark, I'd say.

Anonymous said...


Dan McDaid said...

Ah, the anonymous poster - the backbone of any civil internet conversation.

Go on then - suspect how?

Pickthall said...

haha.. yes indeed. If I was to hazard a guess I'd imagine it was someone from a previous employer who is being a little passive aggressive which would be just their style.

I'd be more excited if it was a complete stranger.

crit more than welcome