Sunday, November 22, 2009

That time of the week again

So Ive tried to make a point of adding something every week now. Sunday seems to be the best day for this. Ive been dining out on old work for the last few weeks and this post is no different. That said I now have some ideas kicking around my head that I want to get started on so hopefully there maybe a couple of WIP's in the coming weeks, plus I have a life drawing day next week so there should be plenty to keep this going for a good few weeks.

Another main motivation is that I know some friends whose opinion I respect who have been following my progress for sometime (Damien & Dan) still look (and comment) and that means alot, plus I know I have a few new lurkers and thats great too. So thanks all, it keeps me motivated.

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Damien said...

loving this new work, great atmosphere to them.