Monday, October 02, 2006

The Living Dinosaur - Cassowary

Australia is renowned for its unique wildlife. The animal that grabbed me the most is the Cassowary. Looking at this creature its not such a leap to imagine Dinosaurs having feathers. It looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park. Its related to the Ostrich, Emu and the Kiwi and found in the rainforests of northern queensland. This are aggressive and can attack people, seriously, how cool and terrifying is that!

Anyway I was inspired by its colours and the creat on its head, which, incidentlly they use to cut through the forests at high speed with their heads down.

This pic took about 1 and half hours in Photoshop using all manner of brushes to obtain the texture.


Dan McDaid said...

Sorry I haven't commented on this yet - it looks terrific. It's rough sure, but it has a real energy and life that makes it spring off the page. Is it photo-reffed? The lighting has such an exact quality that it looks that way.

It's a beautiful picture - and a great way to find out about Oz's exotic wildlife. You should do more of these before you come back!


Pickthall said...

thanks for the comment dude, yeah it is rough but I think I'm just stretching my legs after doing lots of 'clean' line art. Quite refreshing actually.

I was going for texture and colour. I'll probably do a tree frog and no Oz animal gallery would be complete without either a Kangaroo or Koala